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Here’s a guide to what’s on if you are staying with us this June here at Hotel Juliani in beautiful Saint Julian’s Malta.

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From large events that attract crowds from all over the world, to smaller and more intimate events that give a real taste of our unique Mediterranean culture, there’s something for everyone this summer.

June 1st: Earth Garden music festival

Earth Garden is Malta’s largest alternative music festival and has now been wowing crowds for 15 years! Held on the first weekend of June each year at the National Park in Ta’ Qali, with 5 diverse music areas to entertain all types of music lovers. Earth Garden is an experience that goes beyond music, featuring an ethnic market, a kids’ Fun Park, a dog park, a healing and chill out area, 2 food courts, 11 bars, a camping area and more. For further details see here

June 2nd-10th: Ritmu Roots Festival Malta

Ritmu Roots Festival, curated by artistic director Andrew Alamango, features the musical stylings of instrumentalists from around the Mediterranean, traditional Maltese folk music interwoven into contemporary sound, workshops for children and more. Audiences can experience traditional Maltese Għana music in its natural setting and get a taste of the genre’s history through an exhibition dedicated to the Maltese Għannej (Maltese folk singer) Mikiel “Il-Bambinu” Abela.

Further details can be found here

Photo by Charles Paul Azzopardi

June 16th-25th: Malta International Arts Festival

The Malta International Arts Festival (MIAF) curates a programme of artistic excellence with strong contemporary aesthetics, accessible to a wide audience. The festival seeks to move beyond the conventional performance by hosting most of the programme within unique heritage sites. This year MIAF is proposing concerts inside the subterranean 17th century cistern built by the Knights, and invites audiences on a beautiful two-masted vessel to experience a theatre production set within the unique panoramic views of Grand Harbour.

Further information on the programme can be found here

June 29th: Feast of St Peter & St Paul

The Feast of Saints Peter and Paul is a major public holiday here in Malta and one of the oldest celebrations in the country, dating from before the Knights of Saint John first arrived on Malta in the early 16th Century, and at least to the 3rd Century A.D.

You can discover more about the festival and the celebration here