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We are proud to announce that our restaurant ZEST will be maintaining its position in the Michelin Guide for yet another consecutive year. This achievement comes less than two months since we re-opened ZEST following some highly attentive refurbishment.

After months of planning, the amplified interior design of ZEST was brought to fruition in February 2024 for all of our patrons, both returning and new, to enjoy. This makeover was not just aesthetic; more so an opportunity to reimagine our dining experience, blending our signature Asian and Nikkei dishes with an enhanced ambiance.

Our renovation introduces bolder decor that harmonises beautifully with our culinary philosophy. An array of new comfortable seating, as well as a reinvigorated palette infused with shades of verdigris, invite guests into a world where taste and comfort intersect. The introduction of strategic lighting continues to elevate the atmosphere, creating an inviting space for truly unforgettable dining experiences.

At the heart of the restaurant, our freshly introduced banquet table stands as a focal point. Accommodating up to 12 guests, this semi-private area offers a unique and elevated dining experience, ensuring intimacy and exclusivity away from the main dining space.

Adjacent to the bar, we have also crafted a stunning lounge area, perfect for guests who want to unwind with an aperitif while awaiting their table or to enjoy a refreshing drink after dinner.

The latest changes at Zest extend beyond the physical space. Our menu has evolved too, incorporating several new dishes to tantalise your taste buds. These additions reflect our continuous quest for creatively providing our diners with a diverse yet exquisite experience.

ZEST has confidently maintained its position in the Michelin Guide for a number of years now, underscoring our commitment towards excellence and innovation. Our aspiration is not just to meet the expectations set by such recognition, but to continually exceed them, and this refurbishment played a pivotal role in solidifying our achievement of being a Michelin recommended restaurant.

We invite you to experience the new and still Michelin recommended ZEST, where each visit promises to be a discovery of flavours and a celebration of design. Be sure to click here in order to reserve your table and immerse yourself within the renewed spirit of our restaurant.

The refurbishment of ZEST would not have been possible without the hard work of our whole team, under the guidance and realisation of the talented professionals at Greta Design.